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August 27, 2022 [8INF135, CYBERSIRURITY, PROJECT: ELECTION SERURITY] 8INF135, Cybersecurity, Project: ElectionSecurity1.

Assignment 1COMPSCI 316: Cyber Security, Semester 2, 2022This assignment is worth 100 marks. The weight of this assignment

School of Mathematics and StatisticsMAST30012 Discrete MathematicsSemester 2, 2022Assignment 2Due 5pm Friday September 2

ACST3059/8086 Actuarial Modelling - Individual AssignmentThe objectives of the assignment are to allow you toExamine and

M-LAB 2:USING MATLAB TO NUMERICALLY INTEGRATE ODESThe purpose of this M-Lab is to learn the basics of numerical integration

Game Engines and Graphics 2022Assignment 1 – Primitive 2D Drawing DRAFT V1Assignment Specification ........................

COMP3670/6670: Introduction to Machine LearningRelease Date: 3 Aug 2022Due Date: 23:59pm, 28 Aug 2022Maximum credit: 10

STAT 337 ASSIGNMENT 2 Due: 5:00pm EDT Thursday, June 16, 2022Notes for Submission: Upload your assignment directly to

COMP222 - 2022 - First CA AssignmentIndividual courseworkAsteroids-like GameAssessment InformationAssignment Number 1 (of 2)

COMP559 Assignment 1 (15% of the final grade)Due: 17:00 on Wednesday 9 March 2022Please submit your solutions electronically