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The University of Melbourne  COMP90020: Distributed Algorithms  Sample Exam 2020 SM1  Exam Duration: 3

Monash University    FIT9132  Q1. Relational Model (6 + 1 + 3 = 10 marks)    A company wishes

FINS5542 Assignment 1  Date Due: 11pm Friday 26 June, with electronic submission (pdf file)  via the course

COMP9414: Artificial Intelligence  Assignment 1: Fuzzy Scheduling  Due Date: Week 5, Friday, July 3, 11:59 p.m.&

MATH2501 Linear Algebra, S1 2015: Problems 1. LINEAR EQUATIONS AND MATRICES 1. For each of the following matrices A and

Points available: 170This assignment uses glm() (logistic regression) and ctree(), each for 2 categoryclassification. Data

COMP9313 (20T2) ASSIGNMENT 1Due at 20:59:59 2nd AUG, 2020 (Wed) Sydney TimeQ1. HDFS (30 Marks)Let N be the number of

CSC1001: Introduction to Computer ScienceProgramming MethodologyAssignment 2 (Summer Term)Date of handout: 28 June, 2020

Your task is to determine collisions between moving circular objects given a starting scenario.Here is an example:Three in

COMP9444 Neural Networks and Deep LearningTerm 2, 2020Project 1 - Japanese Characters and Intertwined SpiralsDue: Sunday 12

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