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Faculty of Science and EngineeringCoursework – 2020/21 Academic YearModule Code: SEC204Module Title: Computer Architecture

ISAD251 (IMAT5030) Database Applications DevelopmentAssignment 2020-21Page 1 of 16ASSIGNMENT - ORACLE & APEX APPLICATION

CSC173: Project 4The Relational Data ModelIn this project you will gain experience with databases and relational algebra by

1. (a) (5 points) If a three dimensional system has 106 particles, how many dimensionsdoes its phase space have? You may

Department of Electrical Engineering and ElectronicsELEC362AssignmentScientific data analysis programmeModule ELEC36

COMP2013-Developing Maintainable Software Coursework PreviewFor the Academic Year 2020/2021This is a preview of the

The Parking Lot ProblemLets assume that we have a parking lot with fixed dimension, and there is a large variety of cars,

Data Structures and Algorithms COMP9024 20T3AssignmentTripPlannerObjectivesThe assignment aims to give you more independent,

F20ML 2020-21: Coursework 2 [25%]In this coursework, we will look at three different topics: effectively preprocessing and

Tutorial groupNameStudent IdAssessed CourseworkCourse Name Algorithmic Foundations 2% Contribution to finalcourse mark10

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