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Mod 2 Project: Online Store + Marketing
Type: Individual
Introduction & Background
For this project, we are going to use a Wordpress to build an online business. This project will build upon
your Mod2 HW, where you setup an Amazon server with Wordpress installed. Your assignment now is to
create an online business website along with a business & marketing plan to generate traffic.
The goal of this assignment is for you to
● experience building a website using a CMS
● exploring the ecosystem of third party services that enhance the value of the modern website
● create an online business and justify the technology behind it
What will this online business be about?
This is up to you. Mod1 was about copying an existing site. Mod 2, this project, is about creation: take
something from your imagination and make it reality.
Using the business structures we have discussed in class, you can create an online business around your
interests: a made up company, an actual company, a service, a referral website, etc. If you really do not
have any original ideas, then you can improve upon an existing business.
You will however, need to make it lucrative. During the presentation, the goal is to convince investors (the
class) to the viability and success of your business.
What are we building?
This project will have two main parts:
1) Website + Technical Summary
2) Business Summary and Advertising Campaign
The Website
Your website should be nice and clear in what it offers. In building your site, you are allowed to use stock
images and text where appropriate. Aim for a functional and visually appealing website.
Your website should also have goals. An example of a goal is: user clicks on “shop now” on homepage, or
user completes form, or user went to order confirmation page. Think of at least two goals and use Google
Analytics to track them (How to create a goal in google analytics).
To analyze your site. Use Inspectlet ( to generate heatmaps, recordings, and
behavior data. Write an analysis on this data.
Other than Google Analytics & Inspectlet, at least two other third party services must be integrated as
well. You will need to explain why these services will bring value to your website. You are encouraged to
explore the ecosystem and find unique services.
Website Deliverables:
● Your website URL
● Paragraph that details exactly how your site will make money
○ Include income estimate
● Explanation of your goals, and why they should be the metrics measured
● Paragraph that describes a typical user experience
● Analysis + screenshots of the results of your two goals in Google Analytics
● Analysis + screenshots of Inspectlet data for your website
● Paragraph for each of the additional services you have chosen to integrate
Advertising Campaign
This part answers the question: how are you going to be found online? Using the platforms and
techniques we discussed in class, come up with a strategy that is appropriate to promote your online
The two required platforms for you to use is Google and Facebook. Using what we learned in class about
these two ad services, create a strategy for getting found on each one. You will need to consider reach
and cost.
Use the Google keyword planner to evaluate your keywords. And use the Facebook Ads Manager to
create a campaign with your custom parameters. These platforms will provide you estimates for reach
and cost. Note you do not have to launch either campaign. But you do need to explain the parameters
you chose (keywords, demographics, etc), the estimated reach & costs, and how it fits into your strategy.
Lastly, explore one other advertising platform and describe how you would use it to promote your
website. Again, provide explanations for your choices and estimated reach & costs.
● A high-level summary of your advertising strategy, including your target market, your estimated
budget, and your main goals (1-3 paragraphs).
For each platform, provide:
● Description + screenshots of campaign setup
● Include keywords / parameters / limits / etc that you chose and why
● Estimate your reach and cost