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MATH36031 Project 3 - deadline 16th December 2022, time 1100hrs.
For this project you need will need to download the bananas.csv file on Blackboard, and it
will located in the Projects folder in the Project 3 section. This is a very large datafile with
almost 12000 entries, so do not try print the file! The first few lines of the file are as shown in
figure 1. The Origin header denotes the country of origin of the bananas. The Date header
Figure 1: The first few lines of the bananas.csv file.
shows the date for the data listed, the Price header column shows the cost in pounds sterling
for a unit of the product recorded on that date. The Units header indicates the unit (such
as pounds per kilograms in the above sample).
You need to process the file using MATLAB to answer the following questions:
1. From the data produce a list of all the distinct entries under the Origin header and
check how many distinct Units there are.
2. The price of the bananas fluctuate a lot during the year. For each name listed under
the Origin header find the mean of that variety.
3. Produce a grouped box plot comparing the variation of the prices of the different
varieties of bananas with Origin:
‘colombia’, ‘costa rica’, ‘dominican republic’, ‘honduras’, ‘jamaica’, ‘windward isles’,
and comment on your results.
4. Taking the time series for the variety with Origin ‘colombia’, analyze the time series
and comment on any seasonal trends.
5. Use the corrcoef function to calculate the correlation coefficients between the fluctu-
ation of prices for the variety with Origin ‘colombia’ and ‘costa rica’.
Outputs required You are required to submit a report (maximum 8 pages including
any appendices) in pdf form via the submission box on Blackboard. Additionally you need
to submit your m-files used for the MATLAB codes in answering the above questions.
Additional information and guidelines
1. All coding must be done in MATLAB.
2. Keep your page length not exceeding eight A4 pages, with a font size no smaller
than 11, and page margins no smaller than 2cm. There is no need for a title page for
a relative short report like this. If more than 8 pages are submitted only the
first 8 pages will be marked and the rest of the submission will be ignored.
3. List the complete code at the end of each question, or in an appendix. Make your
source code more readable, by keeping the indentation and stylistic features, and can
be copied from your submitted. Your published results should be reproducable from
the code attached.
4. Have a look at the generic rubric about how your report will be marked, and also the
intended learning outcomes about what you are expected to achieve in the end.
5. Avoid copying (too many) sentences directly from the project description, and try to
restate the problem with your own words or examples if possible.
6. You may use your report in the future as evidences of written work, so take it seriously.
7. Your target audience is a fellow student on your course: explain the questions so that
the report can be understood without this project description and your approach can
be implemented in another computer. The report should indicate to the reader how
well you understand the problem and the approach you have taken, the validation and
other checks that you made to ensure your results are credible. Reports submitted
containing codes only and with no explanations of how the problem was solved, will
result in a failing mark, even though the codes may work perfectly well and give the
correct answers.
8. Balance the explanation of the approach and the comments in the code. Avoid under-
commenting and over-commenting.
9. Aim for precision and clarity of writing.
10. Since there is no final exam, you are advised to spend at least 15 hours on each project,
with additional self-study if you are less experience with computer programming. Re-
member for a 10 credit module like this one, you are expect to spend 100 = 10 ? 10
hours in total (including lectures, labs, self-study and coursework).
11. Please do not put any personal information on the report, only your student ID number.
12. The submission box (via Blackboard and Turnitin) for each project will be open two
weeks before the deadline, and you are encouraged to submit an early draft to see
how Turnitin works on Blackboard. Only your last submission will be marked, and
DO NOT submit anything after the deadline. Any late penalty will be applied by
the Teaching and Learning Support Office according to the Undergraduate Student
Handbook, and any extension has to be approved from the Office too (not from the
13. This coursework is meant to be an individual piece of work and the reports must
be written by yourself. Your attention is drawn to the section 4.10 on Academic
Malpractice on page 36 of the undergraduate handbook. Cases of plagairism will
be treated seriously and individuals will be reported to the University Disciplinary