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2023 Term 1
Project 5
Car Space Renting System

There is, in average, only one parking space for every six drivers in our urban
cities. Consequently, finding parking is just about impossible. Yet there is so
much unused space for the most part of the day that is hidden, locked away
and private. Instead of building more unsightly parking lots, let’s make the
most efficient use of the existing unused space. That is where Care Space
Renting System comes into play. This project aims to implement a Web-based
platform for car spaces you wish to provide or make a booking for. It allows
providers to register their car spaces they can make available to consumers on
the platform. Consumers can then look for available car spaces that they are
interested in, view their details, and place a booking for the one they are
interested in.
There are three types of users: admin, provider, and consumer.
The developed system must, at least, do the following:
Provider must be able to register a new car space, the cost per
hour/day, availability, bank account details, and other details.
Provider must be able to update data of her/his existing car spaces.
Admin must be able to view/update/delete information of all registered
car spaces.
System must be able to calculate the total cost incurred for parking
based on the time of booking.
System must be able to issue bills to consumers.
Consumer must be able to pay bills online.
System must be able to make payments to provider’s bank account
(minus 15% service fee).
Consumer must be able to register for the service and enter personal
and vehicle details.
Consumer must be able to find a car space from the list of car spaces
registered in the system.
Consumer must be able to view the details of a selected car space such
as the address, availability, and worth per hour/day.
Consumer must be able to book an available car space and specify the
duration of the booking. Consumer must be able to cancel the booked car space.
System must be able to authenticate admin, provider, and consumer
before updating any sensitive information.
System must be able to accept booking of car spaces based on
System must be able to auto-cancel reservation if the consumer fails to
succeed in among the window period.
Consumers can browse through their bookings and express their content
with a car space they have completed one or more bookings for by liking
it on the platform.
System must provide consumers with recommendations for car spaces
they have not booked yet but may wish to.

You need to come up with, at least, eight (8) functionalities including, at least,
two (2) novel functionalities with respect to existing related car space renting

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